Kistler-Morse Adds InvisiLink™ Wireless Radio to Offering

Spartanburg, SC – (March 10, 2014) Kistler-Morse is pleased to announce the addition of the InvisiLink™ Wireless Radio to the product offering. Having a wireless solution allows users to eliminate hard wiring and conduit between units, which allows for significant cost savings during installation and maintenance of equipment.

The InvisiLink wireless radios communicate via RS-485 or RS-422, making them compatible with Kistler-Morse controllers, Niagara Meters® controllers and ORB™ remote inventory management system. Additional compatibility with 4-20mA analog devices can be attained when used in conjunction with the Kistler-Morse 4-20mA converter. This allows for the consolidation of multiple analog signals from level sensors across a bank of vessels into one digital signal that can be brought back to the plant wirelessly. This eliminates the need for a large amount of wiring.

InvisiLink wireless radios have a standard transmission distance of 3,000 ft (914 m) and an extended range antenna option is available for longer distances. Environmental conditions should be considered for optimal transmission. Other features include a NEMA 4 enclosure and LED indicator lights that designate communication and strength of signal.