Inventory Management

Why is Data Collection Important?


Adding a weight sensor to your vessel is only the start of the system, collecting and analyzing the data that is provided by the sensor, through a controller, is what really begins to provide valuable information for dry bulk inventory management.

Inventory management is critical; maximizing the reliability and consistency of inventory measurement through the manufacturing process is key to:

  • Optimizing supply chain planning
  • Accurately measuring process yields and direct materials costs
  • Optimizing working capital
  • Improving accuracy of financial reporting
  • Confirming quantities of material received
  • Identifying inventory losses

Kistler-Morse ORB Inventory Management System

ORB graphic_webThe ORB System is a gateway between process instruments and the departments that need the information. It can be configured to show tank shape, capacity and contents; alarms can be programmed to create notifications when certain criteria are met, and reports can be generated to consistently provide data.

Click here to see a demo of the ORB. (User name and password: Demo)