Steel Tables

Steel tables are used when calculating PSI of a system, which is a critical value when determining if a particular sensor is best for an application.

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Load Cell: Weight sensing element that is installed underneath a load bearing support.

Live Load: design capacity of the vessel

Dead Load: empty weight of the vessel

Wheatstone Bridge: An electrical circuit used to detect small resistance changes in strain gauges

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Obsolete Product Conversion List

Obsolete ItemReplaced By
800 Series ElectronicsSVS2000, Weigh II, MVS Controllers
910, 911, 915, 920 Series ElectronicsSVS2000 Controller
Load Block SensorsLoad Disc II Load Cell
S10 Low Profiles Load StandsLoad Stand II, Load Disc II Load Cell
SWFM / DWFM Weigh FramesNot Replaced
SC13PPS, SC14STNot Replaced
FB - HB Full Bridge to Half Bridge ConverterNot Replaced
24V Microcells12V Microcells and new electronics
L1, L3 Load LinkTC1 Tension Cell
LL2 6K, 10K, 15K ***Not Replaced
D1, D2, D3, D4 Load DiscsLoad Disc II Load Cell
Data PackNot Replaced
934 Remote MeterNot Replaced
SC1 - 020 SonocellSC43 or SC22
Rope SoftwareORB Inventory Management System
5000, ITU, SSU Series Sonologicultra-wave Ultrasonic
1700, 1730 Weigh Flow Load Out ElectronicsNot Replaced
ITXNot Replaced
9X4 Series ElectronicsSVS2000 Controller
ISI-100SBMVS Stahl Barriers with Newer Electronics
1000, 1020 ElectronicsSVS2000 Controller
Sigma 1100ultra-wave Ultrasonic (Replacement Parts may NOT say Sigma)
Unisonic, hydra-waveultra-wave Ultrasonic
STXSTXPlus Transmitter
Sono IIultra-wave Ultrasonic